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Planning and Reviewing

Ahh, the calendar is officially turned, the New Year is in full swing.  What is a new year but a blank slate, a page where we will write another life chapter? 

I have found it rejuvenating to review what has happened in the previous year.  I have saved these reviews and in times where things are a little bleak, I look back and read them.  They can be a source of inspiration, self satisfaction and reminder that things CAN and DO actually go right.  I keep it short and sweet. I ask:

Personal life review: What happened this year that felt good?  What accomplishments, events, connections am I personally proud of?

Career life review: What are the top things that happened that I feel good about?  What accomplishments happened and did I make happen that I am personally proud of?

Goals for the New Year

I read that Warren Buffett does this and I thought it was interesting.  I am going to try it out.  See what you think:

List 25 things that you want to accomplish this year:

Circle the top 5

Write those down

Focus on the top 5

Hide the other 20

The reasoning is that if we focus on a few things verses many things we will have a better chance of accomplishing our goals. Let me know how this is for you!